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Washington DC, June 27 (ANI): Seth MacFarlane took to Twitter to crack a joke on legalized gay-marriage in the US, but he quickly deleted it after realising that it may not make people laugh.

The 41-year-old ‘Ted 2’ filmmaker tried to compare stuffed animal to the long-struggling LGBT Americans who fought for equal rights, and wrote “Because hey, if gays can get married, what’s next? People marrying their teddy bears?,” reported USA Today.

Though he had removed the post, few of the Twitter users got hold of it and shared the screenshot writing, “You can delete your tweets, MacFarlane, but we can screencap them.”

While MacFarlane and many others may see the huge decision as a joke, the gay community has struggled for a long time, even risking their lives for the right to be treated as equals. (ANI)

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