No direct link of Kanhaiya with anti-India slogans: DM’s report

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New Delhi, March 3 (IANS) “No direct link” has been found between Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU) president Kanhaiya Kumar and “anti-India sloganeering” on the campus on February 9, a magisterial report said.

The report, however, said the role of Umar Khalid, another JNU student accused of raising anti-India slogans, needs to be further investigated. It also said that three of the seven videos sent for analysis were found to be doctored.

“I have submitted the report to the Delhi government late last (Wednesday) night,” New Delhi District Magistrate Sanjay Kumar, who conducted the inquiry, told IANS.

“Umar Khalid was visible in many videos. His support for Kashmir and Afzal Guru is known and he was the organiser of the event. His role needs to be further investigated,” the report said.

The DM’s report said they could not find any link between what Kanhaiya Kumar said and the anti-India slogans raised at the gathering.

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“No witness or video (made) available to me could support the allegation against him,” Sanjay Kumar said in the report.

But Kumar said that “anti-India slogans were indeed raised in the campus. There is no doubt about it”.

“Anti-national slogans were indeed raised on the campus. The university administration has identified a few faces clearly heard raising anti-India slogans. Their whereabouts should be found out and their role investigated further,” the report stated.

Kumar said seven videos were sent to Truth Labs, Hyderabad, of which three were found to be doctored.

“In those doctored versions, video has been edited and voices added,” he said.

The state government had ordered a magisterial probe into the matter on February 13 after the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar on February 12.

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The report cited the claims of some JNU security staff that “possibly” Umar, Anirban and Ashutosh had raised the slogans at the February 9 event on the campus to protest against the hanging of parliament attack convict Afzal Guru and on Kashmir.

The report said that after going through the footage handed over by the JNU security staff who filmed the incident and other footage taken by news channels as well as speaking to eyewitnesses, it was found that Khalid allegedly raised slogans like ‘Kashmir ki janta sangharsh karo, hum tumhare saath hain (People of Kashmir struggle, we are with you)’.

In the videos, Anirban and Ashutosh are seen with Umar Khalid and the JNU security staff claim to identify their voices and slogans like ‘Afzal ki hatya nahi sahenge’ (Won’t tolerate Afzal’s murder) raised “possibly” by them, the report said.

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The DM’s probe included examination of the JNU security staff, students and other eyewitnesses. Videos from various channels, other videos from YouTube and videos made by the JNU security team were also examined.

The report said that many outsiders of Kashmiri descent were seen in the videos, shouting pro-Afzal and “anti-India” slogans.

“Many outsiders have their faces covered. They should be immediately identified for further investigation. Possibly, two of these students are from the JNU,” the report suggests.

“The inquiry also wanted to interrogate Umar Khalid, Anirban and Ashutosh after they resurfaced but they didn’t come before the district magistrate and sent a ‘thank you note’,” the report said.

Kanhaiya Kumar was granted interim bail for six months by the Delhi High Court on Wednesday.

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