No haj permit, no entry into Makkah

Riyadh, Sep 15 (IANS) The Saudi government has issued a warning that people without haj permits would not be allowed to enter Makkah, the media reported on Tuesday.

A senior official said that patrols have been deployed to prevent traffic and other violations at Makkah’s entry points. The aim is to ensure that pilgrims can perform their rituals safely, Arab News reported.

He said there are royal directives that outline penalties for people failing to comply with haj regulations. Citizens and expatriates transporting illegal pilgrims would be arrested and have their vehicles seized.

Abdul Rahman Salem Al-Thamali, head of the Taif police and commander of a local monitoring and control checkpoint, said police officers would not discriminate between citizens and expatriates.

He said officers at various checkpoints would be responsible for inspecting cars on the way to Makkah. These include the Al-Mahamadia, Al-Hada, Akher and Al-Asher checkpoints.

Officers would be spread out over 200 km on the roads leading to Makkah, including those running through valleys and farmland.

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