No LRT, says Brampton

Hurontario-Main LRT line to end at Steeles Avenue

Brampton, October 30 (CINEWS): Rose Theatre was an appropriate venue for the conclusion of the Brampton LRT debate. More than 60 speakers made their case to council last night that began at 7 a.m. and concluded at 1 a.m with the vote against the proposed LRT route that was to have gone through the historic Main Street. The marathon meeting ended in a close vote to end the Hurontario-Main LRT line at Steeles Avenue.

Mayor Jeffrey votes no

Mayor Jeffrey votes no

Mayor Linda Jeffery told the Brampton Guardian she was “disappointed” at the decision and would work with senior governments to come up with future transit solutions.
After years of planning and delays, the fate of the Brampton portion of the Hurontario-Main LRT line, which will connect the city to Mississauga, hinged on last night’s vote. The Ministry of Transportation had set a deadline of Oct. 31 for a decision, and no other meetings were scheduled before then.
Jeffrey called the vote one of the most important in the city’s history.
The province had pledged to fund the full $1.6 billion cost of the project, but only if council approved the proposed route along Hurontario Street, which would include Brampton’s historic Main Street, ending at the Brampton GO station.
With a growing population and worsening congestion, Brampton residents agreed on the need for more public transit.
But other residents opposed the route, which would cut through the historic part of Main Street north of Steeles. Among the opponents were former Ontario premier Bill Davis, who recently added his voice to the debate.
There are alternative routes that had been proposed by some city councillors, including routes along McLaughlin and Kennedy.
But those proposals didn’t include full funding from the province. Jeffrey, who supported the main proposal, called the project “a game-changer” for the city.
Funded through a $1.6 billion commitment from the Province of Ontario, Metrolinx will proceed with the project and the HMLRT will run from Port Credit in Mississauga to Brampton Gateway Terminal at Steeles.

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