‘No One Is Illegal’ wants police to stop contacting CBSA over undocumented immigrants

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The group No One Is Illegal is outraged that Toronto Police has called the Canadian Border Services Agency 3,200 times between November 2014 to June 2015 to report one’s undocumented status. The group is pushing hard for the police to enforce its don’t-ask, don’t-tell policy in police dealings with undocumented immigrants.

Toronto police for its part is defending its position saying that the Service will ‘continue to make enquiries to the CBSA for bona fide law enforcement reasons’.

The report says police calls to CBSA were far fewer than No One Is Illegal’s number. It said a TPS investigation found there were fewer than 700 times that the TPS contacted immigration authorities between 2014 and 2016. And all of those instances were justified.

The report found that in many cases, police had made follow-up calls on the same case, which were recorded by the CBSA as multiple incidents.

No One Is Illegal maintains that a lot of the calls his group uncovered violated the spirit, if not the letter, of the city’s 2013 designation as a sanctuary city.

That declaration guarantees that city staff won’t ask about anyone’s immigration status before providing city services, nor will they report anyone who may be here illegally.

But the group says police have only said they won’t actively try to find out the immigration status of a victim, witness or suspect.

If they do happen to find out someone is here illegally however, the group claims police will often report that information to the CBSA, which can then have the individual arrested and deported.

The group’s spokesperson says the police should not be reporting anyone illegal even if the person has violated Canadian laws.

Naturally then the group is showing a link between police enforcement of immigration laws, and racial profiling.

It won’t be long before there are calls to disband CBSA just as there are calls to disband ICE (US Immigration Customs Enforcement). -CINEWS

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