No place for traditional gender roles: 72% OKCupid users

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New Delhi, Dec 13 (IANSlife) Seventy-two per cent users on the online dating platform OkCupid have said that traditional gender roles, such as men being default heads of households and not househusbands, or women taking care of chores and children or changing their names, have no place in their lives now.

OkCupid revealed these statistics in its year in review report for 2019.

It said that 85 per cent of its users said that women should refuse to marry into a family that requires a dowry. About 11 per cent said women shouldn’t, provided that the women really love the groom, while 4 per cent said dowries are part of Indian culture.

In a society where it’s natural to expect children after marriage, 89 percent of the users said they will choose to be with a partner in a serious relationship even if they can’t have children.

OkCupid, which has over a million users in India, collected this data through the questions on the app which the new and existing users answer to match better with their potential partners.

The data further reveals that 83 per cent of women and 79 per cent men find intelligence way more appealing than looks.

Asked how men show affection to their partner, 4 out of 10 men chose touch by giving a hug, massage or kiss. Almost a similar number of men chose actions such as doing something nice.

Fifteen per cent of men said words help them show appreciation, and 4 per cent of men prefer gifts like buying them flowers, jewelry or a new gadget.

“In 21st century India, with greater access to education and opportunity, women and men are questioning limiting gender roles. As the first generation of Indians to seek financial independence before marriage, have access to global ideas, and the opportunity to pursue dreams unlimited by geography, Indian millennials have a clear idea of who they are and what they want from life. The loosening of social strictures around gendered roles in relationships is reflected nowhere more clearly than on dating apps,” Shruti Gupta, Brand Manager, OkCupid India told IANSlife.



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