No prenup hitch in Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner divorce

Washington DC, July 1 (ANI): Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner recently announced their divorce and it looks like it may go smoothly as the couple doesn’t have any prenup issues.

According to the reports, the 42-year-old ‘Gone Girl’ star isn’t really richer than Garner, 43, and their business managers are trying to figure out how to divide their “fortune,” reported.

The couple, who issued their divorce statement only a day after their 10th anniversary, have millions in their account, as a result of the ’13 Going On 30′ star’s TV show ‘Alias’, as well as a string of movies.

Meanwhile, Affleck too has made a ton of money, but due to several of his projects being independent films, didn’t bag a lot of money.

In conclusion, it’s unlikely that Garner would get spousal support, and neither does she need it, which leaves them just with the division of the property and that has been going well so far. (ANI)

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