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No, we’re not “giddy” about Harry and Meghan living in Canada!

Sabrina Almeida

Many of us don’t really care about where they live unless our tax dollars are paying for their stay! So, the prospect of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moving to Canada is perhaps less exciting than the sensational announcement about them becoming ‘less royal’, once the financial implications began to sink in.

The huge possibility of having to pay for their security and what their presence might do to real estate prices in already-unaffordable Vancouver (or Toronto) soured it all! Soon we were caring enough to wish they’d go to Meghan’s homeland south of the border instead.

One reason we’re unwilling to pick up the tab could be that a growing number of Canadians originating from British colonies like India are less favourably disposed towards the royals. Not surprising, given the troubled colonial history we’re unable to shake off more then 70 years later. There are several sticking points. For one, we want them to return the Kohinoor diamond to India! Secondly, were it not for the British, India might not have been divided into two nuclear-powered countries constantly at odds with each other.

This also explains why swearing allegiance to the queen is very difficult for those of us of Indian origin. Some friends felt themselves choke on the words at the citizenship ceremony while others like me couldn’t bring ourselves to say them!

Let’s just say that other than being awe-struck by their fairy-tale weddings, we’re indifferent to royal affairs unless they impact us. Sure, we might have claimed some bragging rights about Harry and Meghan’s courtship in Canada or because the Mulroney kids were part of their wedding ceremony but that was all in the moment.

So, I’d like to correct the notion that all Canadians are waiting to welcome them with open arms. I think many see their presence here as problematic rather than increasing our glamour quotient.

Thankfully one absurd suggestion that Harry should be made governor general didn’t gain momentum. He might be a ‘true’ representative of the queen, but this office should hardly be assigned solely because of his royal birth. Let’s keep it Canadian and merit-based.

A recent survey shows our heads are in the right place and that immigrants from the British colonies may not the only ones unwilling to subsidize the young royal family. According to an Angus Reid poll released on Wednesday, 73 per cent of Canadians don’t want to be responsible for covering security and other expenses for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Just three per cent of the respondents were open to footing the bill for them. Hopefully our leaders will be mindful of this during negotiations. (Trudeau has said there is a lot to discuss.) If they have a choice that is… and can stand up to the royals!!!

These are muddied waters though. According to RCMP officials the royals are entitled to protection while in Canada (which they also cannot refuse). A RCMP statement further says that costs will be covered through the “existing operational budget”. Funded by us???

But enough about how we feel! Shouldn’t we honour Harry and Meghan’s wish to lead independent, ‘unroyal’ lives by letting them strike out on their own? Let them find real jobs. Granted this could be tough given the dismal job scenario. They might have to rely on their status and connections after all!!! Of course, the Internet is rife with employment suggestions, some of them quite unkind.

Let me clarify that I don’t have anything against the couple and their little baby. They have a right to live however and anywhere they want. However, Canadians shouldn’t have to foot the bill just because we didn’t severe the cosmetic umbilical cord. Which I don’t see any benefit of keeping.

So, Harry and Meghan are welcome to live here provided they fund their stay and contribute to our tax dollars just like all other Canadians! -CINEWS


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Rabindra Nath Roy January 21, 2020 at 9:58 am

Good to know that Canadians are not anxious, jubilant or enthusiastic about Harry and Meghan coming to live in Canada except that the canadians need not foot their bill. Just like a country that is not meant to be liven in as VIP. Indian feeling about Britons are rightly written but why should any Indian live there if he still keeps the smell of India on him?


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