Noreaga in full support of Kanye’s 2020 Presidential campaign, but can’t vote

Washington D.C., Oct. 3 (ANI): Rapper Victor Santiago aka Noreaga is going to be Kanye West’s biggest supporter when he runs for 2020 Presidential campaign, but he will not be able to vote.

Noreaga told TMZ that he was going to be Kanye’s biggest supporter when he runs for President, however, added that he cannot vote because he was a felon.

The 38-year-old rapper said that he is going to make everyone, he knows, vote for Kanye.

Earlier, Kanye West confirmed his run for 2020 Presidency, saying that although he hates politics, he will still go for the run as American government needs someone creative, who can bring a change in a creative manner. (ANI)

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