North Bay ‘pizza oven accident’ survivors file lawsuits

Washington, July 18 (ANI): The survivors of a fatal “pizza oven crash”, which occurred in August on Lakeville Highway in California, have filed lawsuits for the damages.

The crash left the 32-year-old Dwayne Usher of Vallejo dead when a nearly two-ton mobile pizza oven slammed into their vehicle, reported.

His two sons and a woman, who were in the passenger seat, suffered injuries during the crash and have filed separate civil suits.

The lawsuits have been filed against the driver of the van, who was toting the oven, Rosso Pizzeria owners, as well as the trailer manufacturer and its owner.

Investigations have shown that a hitch, which was carrying the oven in the trailer, had detached because it couldn’t handle the weight. Also, the vehicle did not have an automatic braking system and the safety chains were not in their place. (ANI)

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