North Korea accuses US of provoking atomic war

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Seoul, Sep 23 (IANS) After the United States sent two bombers to South Korea, North Korea on Friday accused it of pushing the tense situation in the region towards a nuclear war.

A message from the Korean People’s Army said the imperialist US is guilty of pushing the situation towards an imminent nuclear war by bringing strategic nuclear bombers to the Korean peninsula, Efe news agency reported.

On Wednesday, the US sent two supersonic bombers from Guam to South Korea. While one of them landed at the Osan Air base in Pyeongtaek, about 43 miles south of Seoul, the second one returned to its base after flying over the country.

US Air Force said that sending the bombers was a show of strength to counter North Korea’s aggressive behaviour.

On September 9, North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test which raised tensions in the region and was strongly condemned by the international community.

Since the 1950 Korean War, the US maintains a military alliance with South Korea and is committed to defend it against any possible conflict with North Korea.



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