North Korea’s ruling party opens 7th Congress

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Pyongyang, May 6 (IANS) The Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), the ruling party of North Korea, opened its seventh Congress on Friday.

It is the first WPK congress in 36 years and the first under the leadership of Kim Jong-un, Xinhua news agency reported.

Considered the most significant political event for the country in 2016, the Congress is highlighted by observers not only as a decision-making occasion when the ruling party mulls new state and economic policies, and makes medium-and long-term development plans, but also as a chance for North Korea to strengthen the army and people’s loyalty to the leadership.

The year 2016 is the third year since Kim initiated the “Line of Byungjin” to simultaneously push forward economic growth and bolster nuclear capability, at a plenary meeting of the party’s Central Committee in March, 2013.

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Analysts said the seventh Congress may place focus on further consolidating the policy of developing nuclear weapons and national economy at the same time and emphasise North Korea’s status as a nuclear state.

North Korean official media have not reported about the ongoing Congress. It is projected that Kim might be delivering a long report for several hours at the opening session.

Pyongyang announced in late October 2015 that the seventh WPK Congress will be convened in early May. The sixth Congress was held in 1980.



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