Not maintaining front lawn will cost you in Markham

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If you fail to maintain your front lawn and let the grass grow, it is fine, except that the city will do it for you and bill you $447. If you can do it cheaper, it would therefore make more sense to get down to it.

When it comes to not cutting your grass, it’s three strikes and you’re out — at least $447 — and that’s before the City cuts the grass for you.

If someone complains your grass is more than six inches long, the maximum City bylaws state it can grow before it must be cut, the City will send out a staffer to give you a warning. The first warning will cost you $62.

If you don’t conform, and you get warned a second time, that’s a $125 ticket. A third warning if you don’t cut your grass and it’s a $260 ticket, bringing the grand total to $447.

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And that’s where the costs can begin to really add up.

According to the City, it contracts out the grass-cutting 20 to 40 times a year for city bylaw-breakers, and it isn’t inexpensive to have your lawn cut.

It will run you $68 per hour to have a contractor cut and a lot cheaper if you do it yourself.

So a few hours or so of grass-cutting could cost you upwards of $600 or more when you add in the City fines and the work of contractors.

With summer around the corner many homeowners or landlords renting their homes across the city are obliged to maintain their curb appeal, but with more and more homes rented out, the renters may often have little interest or time in maintaining the landlord’s front lawn in which case the onus would be on the landlord to ensure his lawn is maintained and is of the desired standard of the neighborhood and city. – CINEWS

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