‘Not-so confident’ Demi Lovato would not have stripped 6 months ago

Washington D.C., Oct.15 (ANI): Demi Lovato, who recently excited her fans by going nude in Vanity Fair photo-shoot, has revealed that she could not have done this steamy shoot six months ago because of her low confidence.

In a recent interview, the 23-year-old singer said that she went from “hating every inch of her body to showing every inch of her body to the world”, adding that she wanted to inspire people who had body image issues since their childhood, E! Online reports.

The ‘Cool for the Summer’ hit-maker said, “There was never a time in my career where I was completely stripped down, not just of makeup and not just of clothes, but no Photoshop either.” She added that we all live in a world where everything is “touched up” including the pictures posted on Instagram.

The ‘Let It Go’ singer rued that there was a time when she was asked to remove editing done on her pics, adding that many times she got frustrated as people photoshop her body without her consent.

Lovato’s album, ‘Confident’, is set to release on October 16th this year. (ANI)

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