Nothing new in PM Modi’s speech at UN: Congress

New Delhi, Sept 26 (ANI): Congress leader Manish Tewari on Saturday said there was nothing new in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at the United Nations summit as every prime minister since 1991 had been saying the same thing that the power balance (at United Nations Security Council) of 1945 could not be geo-strategic reality of 2015.

Stating that the UNSC reform is a very contentious issue as the existing members don’t want to give up the ‘veto’, Tewari said, “The question is not whom to include in the UNSC, but whom to exclude, as there are various contending and competing countries from each continent. Thus, it is a very contentious issue, discussions are in progress and India will have to be consistent in her effort.”

In an apparent attack on Prime Minister Modi, Tewari said, “After one speech somewhere, you move on to the next target. This is not going to really help India’s cause in getting a permanent seat in the UNSC.” (ANI)

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