Novo Nordisk, MIT to work on drug delivery devices

Copenhagen, Sep 8 (IANS) Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk announced that it would partner with the Langer Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop the next generation of drug delivery devices for the administration of peptides.

The aim of the research collaboration, which is to be conducted both at MIT in Boston in the US and at Novo Nordisk’s research facilities in Denmark, is to develop a way to administer drugs other than by parenteral means or injection, the company said in a statement on Monday, Xinhua reported.

According to Novo Nordisk, there are many challenges in developing and producing a reliable peptide delivery vehicle, including avoiding premature degradation in the body, overcoming poor peptide transport, limiting variability of absorption and producing both the peptide and the delivery vehicle in sufficient scale and numbers cost effectively.

However, should they be successful, the new method holds great therapeutic promise for many diseases wherein patients need to take frequent injections.

“Drug delivery devices hold great potential and I am looking forward to this exciting research collaboration with one of the world’s leading drug delivery laboratories,” said Peter Kurtzhals, senior vice president and head of global research at Novo Nordisk.

The initial term of the collaboration is three years with the option to extend for up to three additional years, Novo Nordisk said.

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