Now, Amazon’s Echo speaker to order you an Uber

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New Delhi, Feb.6 (ANI): If you think tapping an app is too much effort, well you don’t even need to do that the next time you order an Uber.

Yes, after Amazon’s Echo device was used to order a pizza and stream music on Spotify, now with the help of the device’s digital assistant ‘Alexa’ one can call a cab from Uber.

Alexa will also accept ‘request me a ride,’ ‘call me a ride,’ ‘get me an Uber,’ and dozens of other iterations. She will even accept ‘call me a taxi,’ because to Alexa, taxi is synonymous with Uber, the Verge reported.

“Maybe you’re running late and your phone’s charging in another room or you’re not the most savvy smartphone user – having the ability to ask Alexa to get you an Uber just by using your voice takes the magic of getting a ride to an entirely new level. We used to say push a button get a ride, now with the help of Alexa you don’t have to lift a finger,” said Matt Wyndowe, Uber’s head of product partnerships.

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The new service by the Amazon comes only few days after, the American electronic commerce and cloud computing company has announced that the Amazon Echo, an expertly tuned speaker will officially support Swedish commercial music streaming, podcast and video service Spotify. (ANI)

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