Now, an app that tracks your heartbeat to find your next date

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Washington, Jan.15 (ANI): Dating app Once has come out with a new app that tracks your heart rate and helps you find your next potential date.

The app, which is available on iOS and Android, is a modern-day match-making service. Real human match makers use several criteria to present users with one person a day, which they can accept or decline within 24 hours.

The company, according to Mashable, released a video detailing its latest feature.

The app connects to your Fitbit or Android Wear device and measures your heartbeat as soon as you look at the profile picked out for you.

The company is of the view that the heart does not lie, and therefore, is a good attraction measurement.

Match makers already use criteria like interests, looks and personal preferences, so the heartbeat is just another way.

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To enable the heartbeat feature, scroll down to the bottom of your profile page, click the gear icon to access your settings. Under Account, you’ll see Heartbeat. Click Activate, and you’ll be prompted to connect it with your device. In the Fitbit line, the feature only works with the Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge.

While the concept might sound cliche at first, it’s a pretty cool way of gauging attraction. And there is some truth to the way your body reacts when you see someone you’re interested in. (ANI)

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