Now it’s Tom Cruise’s turn to fight the Mummy

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Tom Cruise…He plays the character of a Navy Seal.

The Mummy is coming back, but this time it will be Tom Cruise, who will fight the demon and save the world.

Well, this has been the age of reboot of some of the best seller classics. After Spiderman, Ghostbusters, it’s time for The Mummy to be the ‘old wine in a new bottle’.

In the event, Tom Cruise, aged 54 now, was seen trapped in an overturned bus number 25, in the middle of the busy London street. The high intensity shoot required the actor to show some of his agile and acrobatic skills for the film, and he was there right after.

Tom was also filmed while in an action sequence where he was needed to run down the street and save his female lead Annabelle Wallis in the movie. The images came in the internet a week after the shooting for ‘The Mummy’ was done.

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Despite the scenes requiring so much physical movement, the 54 years old star, who can still give a 20-year-old college goer a serious competition, had performed the shoot to perfection. He plays the character of a Navy Seal, Tyler Colt who goes on a mission in the Iraqi desert.

The plot and the script of the movie is thought to be same as the original movie and it is expected to be in the similar line, when a mummy is awaken in the present day and what happens there after.

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