Now tourists can meet Ninja character, enjoy live fishing in Japan

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Kanagawa, Japan, Feb.18 (ANI): Ninja is the real hero of the war era in Japan and now tourists can meet Ninja characters.

“I am the 8th generation of Kotaro Fuma – representative character of Ninja story. I served to cordial reception for tourist around Odawara castle,” said Kotaro Huuma, a Ninja character.

At Odawara castle in Kanagawa, the Ninja attracts and entertain the tourists. He even takes visitors pictures and explains them about historic remains. There is a facility for tourists to dress up like Ninja and take pictures.

Foreign tourists are more attracted towards Ninja character.

“Costume is fantastic. We feel very happy. Ninja movie is popular in Myanmar,” said a tourist from Myanmar.

Ninja plays an ambassador to introduce Japanese tradition to foreigners.

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The visitors also practice ‘Shuriken’, a weapon used by Ninja warrior. Tourists from Australia enjoyed using Shuriken.

“It ‘s cool very fantastic,” said a tourist from Australia.

Tourists can also enjoy live fishing at Misaki fishing port in ‘Kanagawa’ , south of Tokyo.

During winter, Japanese sea provides many other seasonal fish including barracuda, yellowtail and others.

Before sending to market, these fishes are divided separately depending on its breed and size. They are later taken for auction at the whole sale market.

“Top winter season for Seabass will end soon. But still we can get Spanish mackerel, Barracuda and Mackerel. Also we can get all season’s splendid fish Alfonsino,” said a wholesaler of Misaki fishing port.

Splendid alfonsino is uploaded through the year at Misaki fishing port. Especially from winter to spring is the peak season of that fish. It is oily and tasty. Tourist can visit this fishing port freely to see fish uploading.

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Misaki restaurant is located near the fishing market. It is convenient to enjoy fresh fish meal there.

“Tuna is very tasty more than what you get in Tokyo. It is very soft,” said a housewife from Tokyo.

Fresh sashimi and grilled head of Yellow tail is very popular item. Misaki fishing port provides tasty breakfast of fish and best view of Mt Fuji.

On every Sunday morning, market is held in the park. It is prosperous with fresh fish, popular Tuna and local vegetable.

Japanese express gratitude to rich sea and good environment. (ANI)

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