Now, wake up to a cup of java with this ‘coffee alarm’

New York, Sept 5(ANI): If you are the one who dreamt of waking up to a coffee alarm clock, then your dream just turned into reality.

Joshua Renouf, a graduate of the Nottingham Trent University has created the Barisieur, which is a state-of-the-art alarm clock that not only wakes people up but also prepares a hot cup of java at the same time, reports the Journal News.

Interestingly, the settings allow users to adjust the time the Barisieur begins sounding an alarm and also the time it begins making coffee.

The machine boils the water, grinds the coffee beans and pours the finished product directly into the user’s cup or mug of choice and there is even an easily removable drawer for sugar and a compartment to hold fresh milk in the machine. (ANI)

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