Now, you can broadcast messages to stars

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Washington D.C., Feb. 9(ANI): According to a new study, now people can broadcast their messages to stars through artistic space odyssey.

Researchers from University of Edinburgh have revealed that in autumn 2016, dispatches from the public will be converted into radio waves and will be broadcasted towards the North Star, Polaris, this autumn, reaching their destination in 434 years.

The interstellar message in a bottle will comprise of people’s responses to a single question: how will our present environmental interactions shape the future?

Project Coordinator Paul Quast said Polaris was chosen as the destination because of its cultural significance as a reference point for navigators and star gazers.

Edinburgh College of Art postgraduate student Mr Quast said that this project will create a culturally-inspired message in a bottle capturing global perspectives that will travel into space for eons.

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The public are invited to visit the official website,, and leave their contributions to be broadcast into the cosmos.

The website is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. German, Arabic, Russian and Mandarin will be available soon.(ANI)

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