Nvidia announces new drive PX 2 for self-driving cars

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New Delhi, Jan.5 (ANI): American technology company Nvidia Corporation has announced an updated version of its computing platform for self-driving cars.

The new supercomputer powered by artificial intelligence is designed to enable a car to drive autonomously.

According to the Techcrunch, Nvidia calls the Drive PX 2 a supercomputer and it is the size of a lunchbox.

“The PX 2 is as powerful as 150 MacBook Pros. The PX 2 features two next-gen Tegra processors, as well as a Pascal-based GPU,” Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said in a statement.

The California-based company manufactures graphics processing units (GPUs), as well as System on Chip Units (SOCs) for the mobile computing market. (ANI)

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