Obama lauds PM Modi’s ‘aggressive’ commitment to clean energy

New York, Sept. 28 (ANI): Expressing confidence on further strengthening the ties with India, US President Barack Obama today praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘aggressive’ commitment towards the climate and clean energy.

“Much of our discussion today focused on the climate conference in Paris. We agreed that it was a critical issue for the world and that all of us have responsibilities. We are encouraged by the aggressive nature of PM Modi’s commitment to clean energy and I indicated to the PM that India’s leadership in this upcoming conference will set the tone not just for today but for the decades to come,” President Obama told the media here after his round table with Prime Minister Modi.

He also added that he had the confidence in the ability to partner with countries like China in order to solve the problem of climate change.

“This will not only help our people but I think it can become an engine of growth,” Obama added.

Both leaders also talked about trade and investment as their governments and business leaders had discussed about new partnerships and jobs for both Indians and Americans.

Obama lauded Prime Minister Modi’s call on the thriving Indian diaspora in America to contribute their talent to India’s progress, saying that this was something that his government wanted very much.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi thanked President Barack Obama for his support for India’s permanent membership of a reformed United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

“I thanked President Obama for U.S. support for India’s permanent membership of a reformed UN Security Council. I also sought U.S. support to complete the reform process within a fixed time frame,” Prime Minister Modi told the media in the joint press briefing with the US President.

He added that he deeply values the US President’s friendship and vision and commitment for the relationship between the two countries. (ANI)

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