Odd-even: Many commuters not ready for car pools, public transport

New Delhi, Dec 28 (IANS) Car owners still seem reluctant to embrace the odd-even scheme of the Delhi government to contain pollution despite only a few days left for the formula to start.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had suggested to people to opt for car-pooling to avoid inconvenience. However, many people have come up with various alternatives for commuting but not car-pooling.

For Sandeep Sharma, an engineer, who drives from south Delhi to Noida daily, sharing a car with a friend is not an option.

“My office timings do not match with any of my neighbours or friends,” he said. “Car-pool is an impractical solution for me.”

Sharma said people may even resort to bribes if it can help them reach their destinations with ease. “How many cars would they stop? Some people may try to bribe to escape the penalty,” he said.

The Delhi government announced the odd-even-numbered vehicle restriction formula recently after the Supreme Court asked the government to act on the increasing level of air pollution.

Many elderly people who drive – including 73-year-old Manzoor Khan — find the plan “vague”.

“This is a vague and silly decision as it will cause inconvenience to the entire population,” he said.

Khan, who lives in Mayur Vihar and travels to Gurgaon daily, said: “Metro or any other public transport is not an option for me.

“I cannot board the overcrowded Metro… neither can I go for car-sharing as the timings do not match and I cannot trust a stranger as well because of the crime that happens in the city,” he said.

Sangeeta Goyal, a banker, said she would do extra shifts, but avoid using public transport.

“I better reach office before 8 a.m. and leave after 8 p.m. I had bought the car only after I faced terrible difficulties in buses and metros,” she said.

Not only car users, but several others who use public transport find the plan inconvenient.

“I travel daily in metro during the peak hours and it is so crowded that there is no space to put you feet. How will so many more people be accommodated?” asked Anita Sharma, a student.

Some people even plan to buy a second car if the restrictions continue.

“I am left with no option but to buy a second car. It is impossible for me to opt for the metro as the station is at least 5 km away from my home,” said Shailesh Kumar, a doctor.

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