Of 3000 species of snakes, 600 are venomous: WHO database

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Venomous snakes occur throughout many regions of the world and are a threat to public health, especially in the rural tropics where they are most abundant. Out of more than 3000 species of snakes in the world, some 600 are venomous and over 200 are considered to be medically important.

A database and image library has been created by WHO to enable users to easily identify the most important venomous snakes in their country, territory or area; see the distributions of each species; and find information about antivenom products for treating envenoming caused by their bites. There is likely to be a shortage of anti-venom soon.

Information on the species of venomous snakes and their habitats are available on a searchable WHO database here: http://apps.who.int/bloodproducts/snakeantivenoms/database/

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