Of intense love stories, Partition, and Delhi (IANS Books This Weekend)

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New Delhi, May 4 (IANS) Flick through a story of love across races, borders and lifestyles; go through a heart-warming, hilarious and inspiring collection of true anecdotes from the life of writer Preeti Shenoy, telling us to love a little stronger; read a moving saga of a family as well as a commentary on the lives of hundreds who were affected by the Partition; and enjoy 10 free-wheeling articles written in conversational style, verging on the informally careless — all with the flavour of Delhi.

The IANS bookshelf has a good amount of love and romance to offer this weekend.

1. Book: Love Knows No Boundaries; Author: Sujay Kantawala; Publisher: publishing; Price: Rs 195; Pages: 133

As the son of a State Governor in Chad, Sayed Shaquille Ahamat, has little to worry about. However, his family expects him to eventually take over his father’s business, marry a local girl and settle down, and there is a little reason for him not to fulfil their wishes.

Then, a polo accident leaves him nearly paralysed below the hip and turns his life topsy turvy. As he struggles to return to a semblance of normalcy, his efforts bring him into contact with an Ayurvedic centre in Sharjah. The head of the treatment centre is a beautiful ascetic, Ritambhara Devi, and Shaquille falls in love with her. To everyone’s surprise, she reciprocates his feelings.

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Meanwhile, Ritambhara’s position and responsibilities elevate constantly at the Swami Samarthanand Ashram where she has lived since childhood. She will not give up her country, her religion and her Guruji to join Shaquille. Neither is Shaquille willing to forsake his way of life. So, what next?

2. Book: Love A Little Stronger; Author: Preeti Shenoy; Publisher: Srishti; Price: Rs 175; Pages: 164

Life is a collection of moments, some memorable and some mundane. Often it is the tiniest thing that brings the greatest joy, even though, at that time, we have no idea that what we are witnessing may be magical, something that we will talk about and laugh over after many years.

Packed with her hilarious narratives, poignant observations and a writing style loved by millions across the world, this book is certain to strike a chord with anybody who has children.

For those who have read “34 Bubble Gums” and “Candies”, this is a new version, with many additional stories. For others, it is a heart-warming, hilarious and inspiring collection of true anecdotes from the author’s life, telling us to love a little stronger, no matter what happens.

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3. Book: The Tale of Two Countries; Author: B.K. Karkra; Publisher: Rupa; Price: Rs 295; Pages: 183

“The outside environment seemed to have completely overshadowed his genes. He was getting more and more Anglicised with every passing year and almost felt embarrassed of being the son of his parents. He felt that they were out of tune with life in Britain…”

Having survived the horrors of Partition, young lovers Guru and Sukhi begin a journey of blissful matrimony. Supporting each other through the various ups and downs of life, they migrate to England, start a business and see the birth of their only child, Gursukh, in due course. Everything seems perfect, yet the couple makes one last journey back to India.

What makes them take this journey? Weaving history with fiction, “The Tale of Two Countries” is a moving saga of a family and as well as a commentary on the lives of hundreds like the Grewals who, lured by life abroad, take the plunge, and have to deal with both the pressure to make good in an alien land as well as the longing for the motherland left behind.

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4. Book: Earth Republic; Author: V. Shruti Devi; Publisher: Notion Press; Price: Rs 500; Pages: 201

“Earth Republic: Chatter from the Capital’s Cauldron (and Beyond)” is a collection of 10 free-wheeling articles written in conversational style, verging on the informally careless.

The potpourri of commentaries on theatre, sports, food, agriculture, world politics, Bruce Springsteen, Imran Khan, women’s rights, world peace, people’s belief systems, the right to privacy judgement — all with the flavour of New Delhi, right up to the present-day NCR, with tribal India and outer space forming a billowing backdrop for the grand production that is the Republic of Earth.

“Earth Republic” brings to the recliner, as well as to the office-desk-trying-to-look-busy, thoughts from time and space, and last night’s rally at the mantle-piece. It is an invitation to forge reality and rattle the galaxy, all in one pranayama-yoga clarion call.



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