Of Kimonos and Sumo wrestlers at Japan-India cultural fest

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New Delhi, Oct 28 (IANS) A two-day cultural fiesta — Konnichiwa Japan — that concluded here on Sunday, saw an Indo-Japanese cultural confluence.

The festival was organised by Konnichiwa Japan Club in India along with Discover India Club of Japan.

Konnichiwa means “hello” in Japanese.

The event saw Kawai San, a tea master and Kimono stylist, demonstrate the slow, ceremonious preparation of Japanese green tea — the most commonly drank beverage in the country.

The ceremony stands for tranquillity and patience.

Another traditional ceremony, requiring finesse and skill, is styling of the Kimono — a traditional dress worn during festivals and weddings.

Haruna, a third-generation Kimono stylist dressed in a Sakura print, told IANS that the motifs on the cultural icon differ according to the season.

Another festival highlight, and something easily recognised as Japanese, is Sumo wrestling — Japan’s national sport.

With visitors particularly excited about play-fighting with the wrestlers, the festival saw a good footfall.

It also had many food and origami stalls.



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