Of Singapore, big fat Indian weddings, love-hate in relationships (IANS Books This Weekend)

Sail with ‘3’ to explore the founding legend of the Lion City, Singapore. Also, with the wedding season round the corner is a read on the big Indian weddings and another tale on how love begins with hatred. Read on what IANS Books this Weekend has to offer!

1. Book: 3; Author: Krishna Udayasankar; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 196; Price: Rs. 499

From the author of the best selling ‘The Aryavarta Chronicles’, this book, like its interesting numeric title, is an engrossing tale based on the founding legend of the island of Singapore, the Lion City.

Taking readers back to the 13th century’s Srivijaya empire, which was considered to have had one of the world’s strongest maritime forces, the book covers the journey of the emperor’s youngest son, Nila. As the empire gets left powerless, in a political exchange, Nila voyages across the seas to land at a fishing village.

Apart from the journey of the young prince, there is also an adventure ride on the high seas that the book takes the readers on, filled with love and self-realization.

2. Book: The Big Indian Wedding: The Ultimate Guide for Dummies; Author: Sakshi Salve; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 144; Price: Rs. 295

Just as the wedding season is round the corner, here’s a book that presents some undisclosed stories associated with Indian marriages. This book could be dear to each Indian who likes a larger-than-life, occasionally outlandish yet high-octane world of Indian marriages.

Written by someone who has closely observed the tradition behind Indian marriages, here’s a peppy tale filled with witty observations, merry quizzes and some cliched Bollywood-style proposals. Couple your weekend with this engaging tale behind one of the most significant d-day of many Indians, the big fat wedding!

3. Book: It will always be you; Author: Megha Rao; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 200; Price: Rs. 175

Authored by Rao, who began writing since she was six and is currently a bachelor’s student in Chennai, here’s a breezy read for the weekend on how a love story can begin with a feeling of hatred.

There’s a guy who has everything one could possibly ask for and a girl who can’t stand his arrogance. But destiny has its own designs. Will the story end with hatred too? One needs to read to find out.

4. Book: The Silo Effect; Author: Gillian Tett; Publisher: Little, Brown; Pages: 290; Price: Rs. 599

Through anthropology, Tett, in this book explores how individuals, teams and organizations work in silos of thought, process and products. Supporting her arguments is a wide range of examples from some of the top business organizations in the world.

These narratives illustrate how people could behave “foolishly” when they are mastered by silos but at the same time, how institutions or individuals can excel with them.

Here’s a book for every working professional, no matter what role he/she assumes, to explore how organisational blinders can be removed and how one can transform the way one works.

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