`Offended` 50 Cent sues ex-consultant for making `young white girl` deal

Washington D.C., Sept. 23 (ANI): 50 Cent has sued his former consultant over claims that he misrepresented the rapper by mentioning his false desire of doing a reality show only if it would feature a young white girl working at G-Unit.

The ‘Candy Shop’ rapper said that when his former consultant Andrew Jameson’s 270,000 dollar deal with him got expired, he lost his senses and went to E!, making a false deal with bogus demands in order to make the show more sellable, TMZ.com reported.

The 40-year-old American rapper has said in his legal documents that he discovered these types of false demands and found them highly offensive, and then went on to explain his unwillingness to going ahead with any such deal. But, he reveals that he was told that Jameson had already closed the deal.

Now, 50 cent has appealed legal authorities to ask Jameson to pay damages totaling over 800,000 dollars. (ANI)

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