OIC losing relevance, says Pakistani daily

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Islamabad, April 17 (IANS) The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has not only achieved nothing of substance over five decades but now risks losing whatever relevance it may have, a Pakistani daily said on Sunday.

“In its nearly five-decade existence, the organisation has achieved hardly anything of substance in any field – political, economic, cultural – and has served as little more than a talk shop for the Muslim world’s princes, potentates and rulers,” the Dawn said in an editorial.

“Sadly, by allowing itself to be used in intra-Muslim bilateral and geopolitical disputes, the OIC risks losing whatever relevance it retains,” it added.

The editorial followed a statement that was issued after the recent summit in Istanbul in which “harsh, undiplomatic tone” was used against Iran.

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“Buried in between rhetoric about Palestine and Kashmir in the lengthy statement is a scathing attack on Iran,” Dawn said.

Iran was flayed for interfering in the internal affairs of other states in the region and for supporting “terrorism”.

“This development, unfortunately, reflects the deep polarization that is today threatening to tear the Muslim world apart.”

The editorial said that while the Saudis had dominated the OIC, which is headquartered in Jeddah, “yet perhaps rarely has the organisation been used to lambaste a member state in this fashion.

“Iranian displeasure was indicated by the fact that President (Hassan) Rouhani did not attend the closing meeting.”

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