Omron unveils ‘Integrated Tamper Detection Solution’ to tackle power theft

New Delhi, Mar 31 (ANI): World leader in sensing and control technologies, Omron announced the launch of its Integrated Tamper Detection Solution – world’s first of its kind power theft solution to tackle theft of electricity in India.

Integrated Tamper Detection Solution comprises of a technologically advanced security sensor, made by Omron, embedded in a smart meter. Conceptualized in association with the utility, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL), the endeavor is visualized as a milestone in enabling the smart grid initiative by the Indian govt. is also expected to play a key role in shaping the macro initiatives of national importance such as the need to channelize and curb the losses caused by power theft.

Transmission and distribution losses remain one of the major concerns for the power sector in India. As per varied industry reports, the country ranks fifth in the world in terms of installed capacity, but still more than 300 million people do not have access to electricity.

This unavailability and insufficiency of electricity has a strong linkage with the transmission and distribution losses which amount to around 40 percent of the total production.

The losses give rise to a vicious cycle – utilities running into losses leading to increased power tariff leading to more burden on the end user which ultimately results into more unscrupulous ways to tamper with the meters.

“Though it is difficult to reckon the proportion of power theft in the T and D losses, it is certainly one of the major concerns for the utilities. Omron’s security sensor for the smart meters is multi-functional, and imparts a unique artificial intelligence to the smart meter by detecting all kinds of (electrical and non-electrical) tampering,” said Country Business Head-Omron Electronic and Mechanical Components business division in India, Vinod Raphael.

“The Government plans to install 35 million smart meters in the country by 2019 which paves path for Omron, promising vast business opportunities. As we move ahead, we aim to widen our customer outreach by associating with more utilities and contributing our bit towards developing a sturdy infrastructure in the power sector benefitting the utilities and the end consumers,” added Vinod.

Omron’s new solution is in synergy with the Government’s efforts towards minimizing T and D losses, considering the govt. set up of a ‘Smart Meter Task Force’ to address this alarming state of affairs and to contribute towards molding India as a Smart Grid Nation.

In a bid to further utilize the opportunity of connecting with all relevant stakeholders in the smart grid world, the company also offers other key electronic components for smart meters and varied electrical equipment making them safer, energy efficient, compact and better in performance. (ANI)

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