On-again-off-again Virat and Anushka

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Anushka Sharma…’Press is only interested in our personal life’.

On-again-off again affair going on between Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli always grabs the attention of the media.

So this time, when the two got back together after a short split, they preferred keeping it low-key, unlike their initial attempts at being quite open about it, to evade wider interest.

When the ‘Sultan’ actress was recently asked about it she avoided talking about it.

Explaining why she does not want to discuss about their love life is because it is a personal thing between the two of them, she said. Whenever she meets press they are only interested in asking about her personal life and not about her acting skills or about her professional life.

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“This is just a deterrent in my life. The kind of things that happened last year…like the kind of questions they would ask. You are there to talk about a film and they want to ask you stupid-high-school-kids-questions like how did you meet each other. Grow up man!” she continued.

“In the West too, actors date each other, are married, but when you read their personal interviews, their personal life is just a part of it. But here interviews just become about your personal life. And I’m part of entertainment industry, I can’t shy away from this. Actors abroad are protected. They are not allowed to talk to anyone. But I don’t have this kind of filter. Anyone can ask me anything here. So this was the decision I had to take,” Anushka concluded.

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Well, It may be the price the two celebrities pay for being famous. – CINEWS

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