On Children’s Day renowned chefs come together to fulfill food fantasies of under-privileged kids

New Delhi, Nov 14 (IANS) Santoshi and Rozy, aged 14 and 12 respectively, had never tasted a pizza or burger earlier in their life. And when they were served with not just pizzas but a variety of junk food, their happiness knew no boundaries.

Making an effort to bring happiness on the faces of under-privileged, orphaned and handicapped children, Feeding India, an NGO that collects excess food from individuals, weddings, restaurants to feed the poor, organised a special event, “Chhoti si Aasha”, on Children’s Day.

Held at the Khushi Orphan Home in south Delhi’s Okhla area, the event saw renowned chefs Manish Mehrotra, Ritu Dalmia, Manjit Singh Gill and Abhishek Basu coming up

with their best signature dishes for around 90 children.

“The under-privileged children hardly get to taste those items which are popular among the urban crowd. The concept was to make these children feel special and get a taste of the food items which are not easily accessible to them. And what could have been a better day than Children’s Day eve to put a smile on those faces,” Feeding India founder and president Ankit Kawatra told IANS.

The surprise brought giant smiles on the faces of the children, leaving some in tears.

Decorated with balloons, colored paper creations and paintings, the venue looked no less than fairyland for the orphans.

“I am overwhelmed to be a part of this event. I got a moment to forget those troublesome clients and do something which is actually good,” said Ritu Dalmia, co-owner of Italian restaurant Diva who made the pizzas.

A table was soon decorated with an array of mouth-watering and lip-smacking junk food, starting from pizzas and burgers, to chocolate cakes and tarts to smoothies.

“We are responsible for the society’s food. We treat our guests with great food all the time. This event gave me a chance to feed those children who are deprived of meals at costlier restaurants,” said Manjit Singh Gill, president of the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations and corporate chef of ITC Maurya.

While serving out french fries, tarts, pasta and smoothies, Manish Mehrotra, the head chef at Indian Accent, said that the motive behind organising the event brought him to the venue.

“We usually feed the oppulent and economically strong people. I personally never got any chance to come and feed the orphans. When I was invited for the event, I agreed without any second thoughts. Being a chef, it is a great feeling to do something special for those who are usually deprived of luxury,” said Abhishek Basu, executive Chef at The Park.

“We are very happy that the chefs came here and cooked food us. We didn’t even knew how a burger or tart would taste like,” said Santoshi and Rozy in unision while enjoying their food.

The joy of the children was priceless sight and their happiness uninhibited.

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