Once a national-level boxer, now a sweeper!

Kolkata, July 4 (ANI): Acute poverty has left national-level boxer Krishna Routh working as a sweeper with the Howrah Municipal Corporation.

Routh, who works temporarily with the municipal corporation earns Rs 232 per day to support his family, comprising of five members.

“I have been working with the health department for the last 10 years now. I had thought I would get a good job if I play well. But things didn’t turn out the way I had expected,” a dejected Routh told ANI.

He explained that he had appeared for various interviews but nothing worked out for him.

He says he was forced to take the job of a sweeper as a “last resort”.

Meanwhile, Routh’s wife said that respect for her player husband was not enough and somebody has to come forward to help them. (ANI)

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