Online, in-person sensitive good`s purchase `equally` blush-making

Washington D.C, Dec 26 (ANI): When it comes to buying sensitive products, people are often left embarrassed, irrespective of in-person or online purchase.

The usual notion is that embarrassment is something we experience only when we are around other people, but the Indiana University study found that people often are embarrassed when buying sensitive health care products privately and online, products such as home test kits and medications for incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

The paper has important ramifications for retailers who have established online environments where they believe shoppers feel more comfortable making such purchases.

That’s simply not the case, according to “Wetting the Bed at Twenty-One: Embarrassment as a Private Emotion,” co-authored by Herd, assistant professor of marketing in the IU Kelley School of Business. Other authors of the paper are Aradhna Krishna, professor of marketing at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and Nilüfer Ayd?no?lu, professor of marketing at Koç University in Turkey.

Co-author Kelly Herd said that there is a misconception that buying products online insulates consumers from being embarrassed, but while the product may arrive at the doorstep discretely, the act of purchasing is what triggers the embarrassment. “You still feel embarrassment because you’re judging yourself. It’s not about you even thinking about others judging you.”

The paper’s results suggest that sellers of sensitive health care products need to make consumers feel more comfortable when buying them. For example, promoting home health kits online may not be the best way to encourage people to seek help and prevent spreading disease.

The research appears in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. (ANI)

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