Online trolls are worst bullies: Kesha

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Los Angeles, May 19 (IANS) Singer Kesha feels online trolls are the worst kind of bullies.

Kesha, who has been a victim of social media trolls several times, says the amount of “body-shaming and baseless slut-shaming” online makes her sick, reports

“When I think about the kind of bullying I dealt with as a child and teen, it seems almost quaint compared with what goes on today. The amount of body-shaming and baseless slut-shaming online makes me sick,” Kesha told Teen Vogue magazine.

“I know from personal experience how comments can mess up somebody’s self-confidence and sense of self-worth. I have felt so unlovable after reading cruel words written by strangers who don’t know a thing about me.

“It became a vicious cycle: When I compared myself to others, I would read more mean comments, which only fed my anxiety and depression. Seeing paparazzi photos of myself and the accompanying catty commentary fuelled my eating disorder,” she added.

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Kesha continued that the sick irony was that when she was at some of the lowest points in her life, “I kept hearing how much better I looked”.

“I knew I was destroying my body with my eating disorder, but the message I was getting was that I was doing great,” she said.



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