‘Only 36% parents educate young children about sex education’

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New Delhi, April 30 (IANS) Most parents were reluctant to discuss basic sex education with their children below 12 years of age with only 36 per cent found giving them awareness about the subject, as per a survey.

“The survey noted that 65 per cent parents think that their child should be educated about sex when they are 12 years old. Only 36 per cent of parents had ever talked to their child about basic awareness against undue sexual behaviour about good touch and bad touch.

“This contrasted the fact that 90 percent of parents were aware about the difference between good touch-bad touch suggesting at the prevalent element of taboo and hesitation about this topic,” said Nitin Pandey, the CEO and founder of Parentune, a parent’s network focusing on supporting their more than 2.1 million members through their parenting journey.

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“This particular issue is a mainstay challenge for each parent and hence we wanted to understand and support parents,” he added.

In wake of recent horrific events of grave violence and criminal sexual conduct against children, the survey also sought to address the issue from a parent’s perspective.

“The issue of privacy and protection of the child victims identity was another aspect of the study where 63 percent agreed that the child-victim’s identity should not be revealed without their parents’ approval. This response were echoed by 81 percent fathers and 61 percent mothers,” he said.

Pandey also said that they will do this survey periodically to find and share the progress on awareness and action among parents.



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