Only 5% of residents not satisfied with Mississauga

Mississauga, November 13 (CINEWS): Last week the City of Mississauga released results from its public engagement survey, which offers feedback regarding city operations, services, quality of life and overall resident satisfaction. It was a given- 95 per cent of its residents are satisfied with Mississauga as a great place to live.Mississauga-City-Centre1
Results indicated widespread satisfaction in overall quality of life (96 per cent) and the city’s commitment to celebrating diversity (75 per cent).
Traffic congestion was the biggest concern, with 34 per cent of respondents convinced it’s nearing a point of crisis. Transit was also listed as a top priority, with only 51 per cent of respondents happy with the service.
Results were based on a sample of 1,203 Mississauga residents who were phoned by city staff and directed to the online survey. Environics Analytics, a Toronto-based research group, set quotas reflective of the 2011 census data for age, gender and income as well as ward quotas (100 respondents per ward) to ensure the results would represent the general population.
Topics included quality of life, service delivery, value for taxes, communication, citizen engagement, customer satisfaction and strategic planning priorities.
The study was conducted over a two-week period, from July 8 to 23.
It is usually quite predictable that a large majority of people living in most Canadian cities would be happy to live in the place they chose to call home. While many Caucasians still living in Mississauga have lived here for
generations and have seen the city evolve from a collection of villages and farmland to a bustling and vibrant city. Many immigrants who chose to call Mississauga home came here initially in search of affordable accommodation and large homes. More recent immigrants come here more because they have relatives.
In general Mississauga is a nice place to live, despite traffic congestion, insufficient public transit and housing that is getting more expensive with each passing day.

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