Family ties the only thing real in Bollywood: Sonakshi Sinha

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Sonakshi Sinha…My mother worried about gossips.

Only thing real in Bollywood seems to be the family ties – love between parents and siblings – that defies trappings of fame and money.

Sonakshi Sinha says controversies and gossips are a part and parcel of showbiz that keep worrying her parents who are always protective of her.

While her father Shatrughan Sinha understands the nature of the film industry and its pitfalls as he had been a successful actor a few years back but  her mother Poonam Sinha gets worried about the controversies surrounding her daughter.

Recently, there have been reports that Sonakshi is planning to settle down with her friend and rumoured boyfriend Bunty Sajdeh. “My dad doesn’t get bothered. He doesn’t get into it at all because he has been through that, in fact even more than me,” Sonakshi said.

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She added: “But my mom gets worried so I have to pacify her and calm her down. She understands at the end of the day. But wonders ‘why are they writing about my daughter’ so she gets a little protective.

The actress, who is excited about her next film Akira, says she shrugs off baseless reports, but fiercely protective of her parents and does not like when they get dragged into unnecessary heartaches.

She said: “I take it depending on if its only affecting me then I can ignore it, but if you are going to drag my family and friends into it that is not cool.” – CINEWS

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