Ontario first to road test automated vehicles

Toronto, October 16 (CINEWS): Drivers across the province may soon have to get used to the idea of seeing driverless cars ply the streets. It can look spooky but relax, you will get used to it.
Ontario will be the first province in Canada to allow road tests of automated vehicles, according to Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca. self driving
The province will allow testing starting on Jan. 1 of the new year. The provincial government is also pledging an additional $500,000 to the Ontario Centres of Excellence Connected Vehicle/Automated Vehicle Program.
It’s likely the province picked the University of Waterloo as the site of the announcement because the school is home to WAVELab, the Waterloo Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory, headed by Prof. Steven Waslander.
WAVELab works on both aerial and ground autonomous vehicles, and has partnered with local robotics companies, including Aeryon Labs and Clearpath Robotics.
In addition to WAVE, two Waterloo students started a company, Varden Labs, that focuses on self-driving vehicles.
Michael Skupien and Alex Rodrigues say they achieved a Canadian first in August when their autonomous golf cart successfully drove itself for 10 minutes along Ring Road, the road that circles the boundary of the University of Waterloo campus.

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