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Ontario govt. releases its revised sex-ed curriculum for elementary school

Just in time for the new academic school year, the Ontario government has released its revised sex-ed curriculum for elementary school students. This version effectively replaces the one that was actually revised by the previous Liberal government and scrapped after the Progressive Conservatives took power last year.

It may be recalled that the earlier revised sex-ed aroused passionate protests around the GTA, especially among new immigrants who were uncomfortable with too much being taught too early.

The Ministry of Education says the updated Elementary Health and Physical Education Curriculum will focus on mental health, body image and nutrition, cyber safety and consent.

The Ontario Conservatives are probably aware that even this toned down version of sex-ed may be too much for some parents, School boards across the province are going to develop a “procedure allowing parents to exempt their child from instruction of the human development and sexual health education component” of the curriculum.

“Currently, not all school boards across Ontario have policies in place to address the exemption of children from sexual health education,” the government noted, adding that policies will need to be in place by November.

Last year, Premier Doug Ford’s government repealed the previous 2015 curriculum, which included lessons on sexting, same-sex relationships and gender identity. In the interim, educators taught students material that borrowed heavily from a 1998 curriculum.

The new plan will return to many of the controversial subjects, the PCs said, but in some cases will do so when students are older.

There are however more progressive and broader minded parents who believe that far more children today are more precocious than ever and a sexualized environment all but guarantees they will receive unfiltered sex education via the internet where there are no guidelines and rules so to speak. -CINEWS

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