Ontario Liberals may not choose leader till 2020

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The Ontario Liberals were decimated in the last elections and could remain leaderless until 2020 when the leadership race to choose a permanent leader is expected to happen.

Meanwhile interim leader John Fraser said the party will move forward on two key fronts in the coming months – setting rules for a leadership race to choose a successor to former premier Kathleen Wynne, and tackling millions in debt accumulated during the 2018 campaign.

But with federal elections looming later this year, it is expected that the federal Liberals will lean on Ontario Liberal party volunteers and use its resources.

An annual general meeting will be held in June and hopefully a date for the party’s leadership race will be announced.

At this point it isn’t clear who exactly is gunning for that job but that could change in time.

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It is hoped that the Ontario Liberals could be competitive in the next provincial elections slated for 2022.

However, energizing the base will depend a lot on the charisma of the leader who is elected. -CINEWS

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