Ontario NDP’s ‘biggest’ campaign in its history gets underway

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On Sunday, Ontario’s New Democrats launched what is billed as its “biggest campaign” in its history.

The launch of this campaign begins just before the official provincial campaign period starts on May 9.

“It’s our biggest campaign because we have the resources that we’ve not had before in terms of our ability to mount the kind of momentum that you’re seeing in the room today,” said NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.

The NDP also nominated Horwath, its leader, as the candidate for the riding of Hamilton Centre.

June’s vote marks the third election in which Horwath has led the NDP.

Last week, the NDP released its platform, which includes increased spending on healthcare and childcare, promising free child care for families earning less than $40,000 and a boost to hospital budgets if elected.

The party said, if elected, it would reduce hydro bills by 30 per cent. That should electrify some voters.

But the party has projected five consecutive deficits to pay for its plan, with a $3.3 billion shortfall in 2018-2019 falling to $1.9 billion by 2022-2023.

Currently, the NDP has 18 MPPs at Queen’s Park, a number that Horwath has said she is hoping to increase in the next provincial election.

But the troubling news for Horwath is that despite Premier Kathleen Wynne’s low approval ratings among Ontario voters, the New Democrats would still not be the preferred choice to replace the Ontario Liberals.

Despite all that, NDP leader Andrea Horwath is professing optimism about her party’s chances when Ontario votes in 2018. And why not, there is a theory out there that many Liberal voters who are convinced their vote for the Liberals would be wasted may consider voting for the Ontario New Democrats instead of Doug Ford’s PC party. There are many voters out there who would rather help elect Andrea Horwath rather than risk having Doug Ford and the PC party in power.

There are indications that the NDP could at best gain more MPPs but mostly at the expense of the Ontario Liberals. – CINEWS

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