Ontario to use electronic voting machines

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History will be made in the upcoming provincial election in Ontario, when voters will get to use electronic voting machines on June 7.

Many voters will miss the voters’ paper lists which will be replaced by an e-Poll Book.

The new technology should help speed up both the voting and ballot-counting process.

When voters show up at a polling station, a machine will scan their notice of registration card, a process similar to scanning food at a grocery store.

Then the voters will receive their ballot from an official, fill it out and hand it back to the official who will put it through the tabulating machine.

A spokeswoman for Elections Ontario says the new technology was tested at two byelections in 2016 and was also used in a variety of municipal elections.

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The report also said the new technology would help with staffing which has become a challenge in recent years. The job is hard given that election officials work an average 14 to 16 hours with the meticulous vote-counting coming at the very end of the day.

In 2014, there were 76,000 polling officials working on election day. As the population grows, and with 17 new electoral districts added to the election map, Elections Ontario estimates it would have needed 100,000 polling officials if the voting system remained the same. With this new electronic voting system, just 55,000 polling officials will be needed.

One day perhaps voters can simply vote by clicking their preference on their smartphones. – CINEWS

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