‘Opportunistic’ PM showing frustration of Bihar debacle: Congress

New Delhi, Dec. 10 (ANI): The Congress Party on Thursday held the government responsible for the ongoing logjam in the Parliament and alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is showing his frustration over the BJP’s debacle in the Bihar Assembly polls.

“It is the government’s responsibility to help the proceedings of the House. In the last Lok Sabha session, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) did not allow the function of the Parliament at least 50 percent of the time. Opportunistic Narendra Modi is showing his frustration of its defeat of the Assembly polls in the Parliament,” Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit told ANI.

Further lashing out at the BJP, the Congress leader asked the ruling party to tell the nation the initiatives taken by the government except for the GST Bill.

“The National Herald case is a case of cheating. I don’t understand what the controversy here is. It is Congress’ newspaper and talks about us. When any matter of cheating becomes a controversy, then it raises suspicion that may be the government has some interference in it,” he added.

Echoing similar sentiments, another Congress leader Renuka Chaudhary said that either the BJP doesn’t know how to run a government or it is trying to fool the people of the nation.

Meanwhile, both the Houses of Parliament witnessed disruptions for the third consecutive day over the National Herald issue and BJP MP Virendra Singh’s controversial remarks against the Congress. (ANI)

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