Organization to recognize Peel’s most diverse senior club

In a unique initiative to promote multicultural values, a Mississauga community organization, Heartland Creditview Community and Health Services (HCCHS), will recognize Peel’s most diverse senior club. The chosen club will have maximum diversity in its membership, organizational structure and activities. A committee has been constituted to select the winner club on the basis of set criteria. The organization has also called for inputs from members of clubs and communities in the Peel region.

“Most of our senior clubs are based on ethnicity, culture or country of origin and promote exclusivity. Our intention is to change this situation by promoting values of diversity and multiculturalism in senior clubs,” says Prithpal Singh Chaggar, the HCCHS Chairman and the man behind the initiative. “Our seniors don’t get chance to understand other Canadian cultures in their clubs and continue living in their own cultural worlds, which is not a healthy habit for our multicultural society,” Chaggar says.

The initiative is part of Multicultural Day Festival to be organized by HCCHS on August 1 at Mississauga Valley Community Center Park, 11 AM to 5 PM. “The Multicultural Day Festival will showcase diverse Canadian cultures and traditions. We’ll have representation of Indigenous, French, English, South Asian, Caribbean, African, and Chinese cultures in the forms of music and dance performances,” says EhsanKhandaker, Executive Director of HCCHS.
Members of the communities and senior clubs can nominate the most diverse club in their community by calling officials of the organization at 416-894-4950 or 416-457-5597. – CINEWS

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