ORIX and VINCI sign agreement for maintenance of Kansai and Osaka International airport

New Delhi, Dec 18 (ANI): ORIX Corporation, a leader in integrated financial services, and VINCI Airport, an airport concession holder and operator, announced the formation a new company “Kansai Airports,” to manage the Kansai and Osaka International Airports Concession.

At the same time, Kansai Airports signed a 44-year concession contract with the New Kansai International Airport Company (“NKIAC”) for the operation of Kansai and Osaka International Airports.

The announcement marks the joining of forces between two complementary companies. ORIX, which has a strong footprint in the Kansai region, and VINCI Airports, whose successful track-record in airports operation has recently been extended in Portugal, Cambodia, France and Chile, to form Kansai Airports.

ORIX and VINCI Airports each hold a 40 percent shareholding, while local minority shareholder companies from the Kansai region hold the remaining 20 percent, from April one, 2016.

The concessionaire company, “Kansai Airports”, headquartered in Osaka, is co-managed by representatives from ORIX and from VINCI Airports, Yoshiyuki Yamaya, CEO, and Emmanuel Menanteau, Co-CEO.

The transfer of airport operations to Kansai Airports is scheduled for April one, 2016. During this period, Kansai Airports will work closely with NKIAC, airport employees, business partners and local communities. They will be sharing forthcoming plans and processes, and receive feedback from these stakeholders whose role will be crucial to the operation of the airports.

Kansai Airports share a common goal of maximizing the potential of the Osaka and Kansai international airports, improving services to passengers and ensuring the highest levels of safety and security, investment to enhance safety, convenience and comfort to increase value, as well as enhancing community relations in the neighbourhoods of the airports and benefiting the Kansai regional economy. (ANI)

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