Oscar nomination made Brie Larson nervous

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Los Angeles, Jan 15 (IANS) Actress Brie Larson started “shaking and crying” when she found out she had received her first ever Oscar nomination for her role in “Room”.

It certainly took a while for the news to sink in when the nominees were announced on Thursday.

“I thought, ‘Holy s**t!’ It’s that mixed with a total flat line,” Larson told eonline.com.

The actress is currently hard at work shooting her new movie “Kong: Skull Island” in Australia, and said the combination of her exhaustion following a tough day’s filming and the shock of the nomination had a dramatic effect.

She added: “It was a very physical day, a lot of climbing. I just climbed mountains all day today in the hot Australian sun so I was just exhausted. I was tired so I thought this is the perfect way to do it while your body is just really exhausted and you’re kind of relaxed about it.

“I didn’t realise how strong my reaction would be. My whole body was shaking. I started crying. It really was when they gave (Lenny Abrahamson) a best director nomination that I really lost it. He’s so deserving of it. So well deserved and so exciting to see.”

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