Ousted Ontario Opposition Leader Patrick Brown Says Will Run to Get Job Back

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The former leader of Ontario’s conservative opposition party announced Friday he is running for his party’s leadership just three weeks after resigning amid sexual misconduct allegations.

“This isn’t about me, this isn’t about the PC Party, this is about making sure that on June 7th, the Progressive Conservative Party is successful,” Brown said, referring to the upcoming provincial election.

Brown also spoke about his experiences since resigning.

“What I’ve gone through in the last three weeks, I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It has been absolutely horrific,” Brown said.

“What I can tell you is in that period, I found strength. I found strength by the support of my family and friends, from the party faithful around the province, who reached out to me and saying we know what you are about.”

Earlier Friday, Brown was kicked out of the party’s caucus.

The scandal is considered another #MeToo moment. The movement has been credited with unveiling widespread sexual abuse and misconduct across the globe.

Brown he wouldn’t wish his experience on his worst enemy. “It has been absolutely horrific. It’s like getting hit by a truck,” Brown said.

Almost all of Brown’s senior leadership team quit after Brown initially declined to step down last month in the early moments after the CTV report aired. But he later reversed course that night following pressure from the party.

Many political analysts had expected Brown to become the next premier of Ontario after 14 years of rule by the Liberal Party. The election is less than 100 days way.

Passed lie-detector test about sex allegations
Patrick Brown took and passed a lie-detector test that involved detailed questions about controversial sexual misconduct allegations against him.

The test, administered by one of Canada’s top polygraph experts, was conducted in two stages on Feb. 14 and Feb 15 in Markham and arranged by Brown’s lawyer, prominent Toronto defence attorney Mark Sandler.

According to a copy of the polygraph report obtained by the Toronto Sun, Brown was asked about the specific accusations made against by him by two women.

John Galianos, who has conducted polygraph tests for some 40 years and has extensive expertise and credentials, asked Brown a series of questions about both sets of allegations.

Brown was asked whether he asked the first accuser to perform oral sex on him, whether he put his penis in her mouth, whether he exposed himself to her, and whether he was lying about denying he received oral sex from her.

In each case, Brown not only answered truthfully, Galianos said, but exceeded the standards use to determine truth by the FBI and RCMP.

“There was no deception,” he told the Toronto Sun.

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